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Wisdom of Solomon 4:12

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is The Christian Religion Dying

Is the Christian Religion Dead?

To answer this question with any kind of accuracy, we must actually refine the question a bit. Perhaps we should ask two questions: one, “where” is the Christian religion dead or dying? And two, “what kind” of the Christian religion is dead or dying? It is here that we must turn to the experts; and there are several who have written on the topic, I commend “The Next Christendom” by Phillip Jenkins. There are many others.

The general consensus of these experts is that western Christianity; that is the religious sects of Christianity born out of the great schism (Roman Catholicism) and the protestant reformation (Protestantism) are the Christian religions that are dying, and they are dying in western Europe (where it has already died), in North America, and Australia. However there is more to the answer, the most ancient forms of Christian religion, by that I mean those closest to the religion of the undivided church, by that I mean Christian Orthodoxy, and a new form, Charismatic Christianity, are thriving in the southern hemisphere and in Asia. 

The video above allows us to peak into the most Ancient Christian religion and how it is affectingour world. In it we see quite a contrast between our dying western Christian religion and this thriving and living eastern Christian religion that dates back all the way to the apostles.

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